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The Enemy of Art is the Absence of Limitations
A Film About The Lower


MI LOISAIDA is a short documentary about the Lower East Side of Manhattan, specifically a sub­community within it called Loisaida. I've been in Loisaida my entire life and have witnessed many changes due to gentrification. What I wanted to do is capture some of the neighborhood and the residents that inhabit it. This film is a love letter at heart.
Watch an interview with director and creator Eddie Bernard Here.


Eric and his younger wife Diana have grown apart, but when he suspects her of cheating, he begins to descend into madness. What is real, and what is not? journey into the macabre undertones of a relationship gone sour. You'll witness what goes through a persons head when they lose trust in their partner....View the Trailer

The Craft of Eddie Bernard

A National Hispanic Scholar, Bernard joined Brooklyn College after graduating with honors from the Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY) with an associate's degree in liberal arts. Now in his final year as a film-production major, he says that everything he has learned and will continue to learn is useful. "My entire program is amazing. It helped me get into the field much faster. I'm on professional sets now and go to school at the same time."Bernard constantly applies his knowledge from class to the freelance jobs he does for production companies...Read Full Article

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