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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean

Loisaida Films is a collective of talented young artists from the five boroughs. We began by producing short skits about gritty city life in Downtown Manhattan, exploring the experiences of the impoverished people who live there. Over time we perfected our craft, upgraded our equipment and transformed from an amateur endeavor into a flourishing, professional production company. Our studio was founded by Eddie Bernard, a Lower East Side native and film industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in TV/Film Production at Brooklyn College, Eddie was determined to make his mark in the filmmaking world. Fueled by his Puerto Rican heritage, he created his own style of filmmaking that combines the techniques of Hollywood and the realism of Cinéma vérité. This new style of storytelling became a movement that we call "Nuyorican New Wave". We specialize in creating award winning short films, edgy music videos, corporate commercials, documentaries and artistic pieces. Here at Loisaida Films, we are always expanding our creative aspirations through the arts. We have great conceptual ideas and the technical skills to help companies develop, make awareness for their brands and meet their production needs.

Eddie Bernard

Eddie Bernard is the founder of Loisaida Films and the lead Director of Photography. He has worked as a director, producer and videographer and editor for many organizations: Henry Street Settlement, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The National Football League, Honda, The National Geographic Channel and P.B.S. To name a few. Eddie has also received the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 2010 and 2011 Scholar of the Year Awards as well as the Telemundo Yearly Scholarship for excellence.

Anna Courter

Anna Jean Courter was born in Traverse City, Michigan. In 2008, she became the Education Program Manager of Dance, Music, Theater & Visual Arts Abrons Arts Center, part of Henry Street Settlement in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. That same year, she teamed up with Eddie Bernard and started acting in many of his short films. Anna immediately developed a love for film and started taking on more of an executive role in the business. Together, Eddie and Anna set the foundation and she is currently the producer for what is now Loisaida Films. She has 3 films due for release.

Tom Balsewich

Thomas A. Balsewich II is an independent writer, producer and lighting designer based in NYC. Throughout the years of seasoning his craft, Thomas has also had the opportunity to work on the Late Show w/ David Letterman perfecting his lighting skills for broadcast television. He has written, shot, and edited several short films winning multiple awards across the festival circuit all over the world. Not only has he had the opportunity to work on great films and television but he has also produced and created the lighting design for an off Broadway play of Edward Scissorhands.

Miguel Zamora

Miguel Zamora grew up in Queens NY. By his early teens he became obsessed with movies and the art of storytelling. He eventually took his love for moving images and turned it into a profession. He attended and graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA in Film/TV production. While attending the college, Miguel teamed up with Eddie Bernard on a few projects and the two have been working together ever since. Today, Miguel is a producer and assistant director for Loisaida Films. He has 4 short films due for release this year.

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